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Proceedings Volume 2009


2009 Program in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

View Proceedings Volume 2009 - "Nonlinear Waves" (pdf)

Oliver Buhler and Karl Helfrich, Directors
Roger Grimshaw and Harvey Segur, Principal Lecturers
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA  02543

Lectures notes taken by GFD Fellows


Principal Lectures

Preface (pdf)

Introduction to linear and non-linear waves (pdf)

Concepts from linear theory (pdf)

Introduction to non-linear waves (pdf)

Zhakharov formulation of water waves (pdf)

Waves in shallow water, part I: the theory (pdf)

Derivation of the KdV equation for surface and internal waves (pdf)

Oceanographic applications (pdf)

The shallow-water equations (pdf)

Nonlinear waves in a variable medium (pdf)

Whitham modulation theory (pdf)

Internal solitary waves in the ocean (pdf)

Transcritical flow over an obstacle (pdf)

Triad (or 3-wave) resonances (pdf)

Waves on deep water, I (pdf)

Waves on deep water, II (pdf)

Solitary waves (pdf)

Generalized solitary waves (pdf)

Wave-mean flow interaction, part I (pdf)

Wave-mean flow interaction, part II: general theory (pdf)

The explosive instability due to 3-wave or 4-wave mixing (pdf)

Potpourri (pdf)


Fellows' Reports

Resonant triad interactions on an extended equatorial β -plane (pdf)

Michael Bates, University of New South Wales

Degradation of the internal tide over long bumpy topography (pdf)

Erinna Chen, University of California, Santa Cruz

Quantum vortices in a glass of Bose-Einstein condensate (pdf)

Nicolas Grisouard, Universite Joseph Fourier - Grenoble I

Ray theory of nonlinear water waves (pdf)

Andong He, Penn State University

The derivation and application of convective pattern equations (pdf)

Yiping Ma, University of California, Berkeley

Variation of the eddy diffusivity across jets in the southern ocean (pdf)

Ali Mashayek, University of Toronto

Flow-destabilized seiche modes with a movable dam (pdf)

Hélène Scolan, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Nonlinear shelf waves in a rotating annulus (pdf)

Andrew Stewart, University of Oxford

Nonlinear peristaltic waves: a bitter pill to swallow (pdf)

Daisuke Takagi, University of Cambridge

Linear stability of Su-Gardner solutions to small two-dimensional perturbations (pdf)

Adrienne Traxler, University of California, Santa Cruz

Laboratory experiments on two coalescing axisymmetric turbulent plumes in a rotating fluid (pdf)

Hiroki Yamamoto, Kyoto University