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Proceedings Volume 2008


2008 Program in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

View Proceedings Volume 2008 - "Perspectives and Challenges in GFD" (pdf)

Neil Balmforth and George Veronis, Directors
Steve Childress, Charlie Doering, Kerry Emanuel, Stephan Fauve, Raffaele Ferrari, Chris Garrett, Herbert Huppert, John Marshall, Ray Pierrehumbert and Timour Radko, Principal Lecturers
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA  02543

Lecture notes taken by GFD Fellows


Principal Lectures

Preface (pdf)

Lecture 1 (pdf)

Dynamo Theory and GFD

Lecture 2 (pdf)

Convection, Stability and Turbulence

Lecture 3 (pdf)

Waves and Vortices Driven by Interfacial Fluxes

Lecture 4 (pdf)

Turbulent Dynamos:  Experiments, Nonlinear Saturation of the Magnetic Field and Field Reversals

Lecture 5 (pdf)

Energetics of a Turbulent Ocean

Lecture 6 (pdf)

Ocean Mixing, Internal Tides and Tidal Power

Lecture 7 (pdf)

Gravity Currents & Solidifi cation

Lecture 8 (pdf)

GFD Experiments in Climate

Lecture 9 (pdf)

Atmospheric Escape

Lecture 10 (pdf)

Double-Di ffusive Convection


Fellows' Reports

Models of volcanic tremor and singing icebergs (pdf)

Sylvain Barbot, University of California, San Diego

First contact in a viscous fluid (pdf)

Chris Cawthorn, University of Cambridge

Energy and dissipation in MHD systems (pdf)

Christophe Gissinger, Ecole Normale

MHD toy model of the solar radiative zone (pdf)

Céline Guervilly, Universite de Grenoble

Bounds on surface stress driven flows (pdf)

George Hagstrom, University of Texas

Continual skipping - getting a kick from water (pdf)

Ian Hewitt, Oxford University

On the organization of geostrophic circulations over large scale topography by eddy-dif fusion of PV (pdf)

Malte Jansen, MIT

Turbulent mixing in shear driven strati fied fluid (pdf)

Amrita Shravat, Oxford University

Crumpling of a thin ice sheet due to incident flow (pdf)

Toby Wood, University of Cambridge

Equilibria of diff usive moist static energy balance model (pdf)

Yutian Wu, Columbia University