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GFD Previous Program Fellows

Fellow Names and Affiliations
Report Titles


Deborah Cotton
University of Oxford
Into the Mix: How Biological Dynamics Affect Turbulent Transport
Hao Fu
Stanford University
Boiling Stratified Flow: A Lab Analog of Quasi-equilibrium Moist Convection
Nimrod Gavriel
Weizemann Institute of Science
Can AI-based Climate Models Learn Rare, Extreme Weather Events?
Arefe Ghazi Nezami
University of Texas, Austin
Stratified Turbulence: A Black Hole for Internal Waves?
Quentin Kriaa
Aix-Marseille Universite
Transport of Microplastics in Turbidity Currents
Nathan Magnan
University of Cambridge
Convection in the Ice Shells of Icy Moons
Yifeng Mao
University of Colorado, Boulder
Chemical Transport by Waves in Starts
Quentin Nicolas
University of California, Berkeley
Simple Models of Superrotation in Planetary Atmospheres
Ellie Ong
University of New South Wales
Asymmetries in Formation of Gulf Stream Warm Core Rings and Filaments
Yaoxuan Zeng
University of Chicago
Jets on Gas Giants—A Tale of Two Forcings


Ludovico Giorgini
Stockholm University
Statistical Analysis of Multidimensional Dynamical Systems
Samuel Lewin
University of Cambridge
Experiments on the Instability of Buoyancy-driven Coastal Currents
Ruth Moorman
California Institute of Technology
Continental Shelf Waves around a Pseudo-Iceland
Kasturi Shah
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Scaling with the Stars: Emergence of Self-organised Criticality in low Péclet Flows
Iury Simoes-Sousa
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Stochasticity of Turbulence
Claire Valva
New York University
Understanding Invariant Solutions of the Korteweg-De Vries Equation
Tilly Woods
University of Oxford
Fun with Squishy Balls: Theory and Experiments on Deformable Porous Media
Rui Yang
University of Twente
Equatorial Ocean Dynamics on Enceladus Driven by Ice Topography


Lois Baker
Imperial College London
Interaction Between Internal Modes and Their Superharmonics
Samuel Boury
ENS de Lyon
A Mushy Source for the Geysers of Enceladus
Wenjing Dong
New York University
Structure and Stability of Flow Around Noncircular Islands
Kelsey Everard
University of British Columbia
Free Convection with Large Viscosity Variations
Alessia Ferraro
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Exploiting Marginal Stability in Slow-fast Quasilinear Dynamical Systems
Wanying Kang
Harvard University
Symmetry Breaking on the Enceladus Ice Shell
Anuj Kumar
University of California, Santa Cruz
Maximal Heat Transport in Rayleigh-Bénard Convection: Reduced Models, Birfurcations, and Polynomial Optimization
André Palóczy Filho
University of California, San Diego
Reduced Models for Wave-balanced Flow Interactions
Jeremy Parker
University of Cambridge
Exploiting Sum-of-squares Optimisation for Chaotic Hamiltonian Systems
Channing Prend
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Eddy Mixing of Biogeochemical Tracers
Jelle Will
University of Twente
Optimal Mixing of a Passive Scalar Field in Kolmogorov Flow
Houssam Yassin
Princeton University
Sensitivity of the Ocean's Deep Circulation to Westerly Winds


Neeraja Bhamidipati
University of Cambridge
How mixed is the ocean mixed layer?
Laura Cope
University of Cambridge
Horizontal shear instabilities in the stellar interior
Edward Hinton
University of Cambridge
Defending against viscous flows
Christopher Howland
University of Cambridge
Interacting plumes in a rotating environment: The special case of a single plume
Andrea Lehn
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fountains, jets and rotation, oh my!
Sara Lenzi
University of Turin
Swimming with posts
Thomas Le Reun
Aix Marseille Université
Porous convection with internal heating: driving Enceladus’ hydrothermal activity
Tyler Lutz
Yale University
Spooky mixing at a distance: nonlocal eddy fluxes from stochastic advection
Sutirtha Sengupta
University of California, Santa Cruz
Centrifugally forced Rayleigh-Taylor instability: growth of varicose perturbations
Rohit Supekar
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Viscoplastic flow around a cylinder: nuggets or no nuggets?
Bowen Zhao
Yale University
Instability of piecewise, uniform, quasi-geostrophic vortex above topography


Thomasina Ball
University of Cambridge
Understanding cylindrical dinosaur footprints
Robert Fajber
University of Toronto
Seeing ocean through sea ice: Simple theory for submesoscale ice-ocean interations in the marginal ice zone
Federico Fuentes
University of Texas-Austin
Global stability of two-dimensional plan Couette flow beyond the energy stability limit
Madelaine Gamble Rosevear
University of Tasmania
Turbid tales: Where do sub-glacial sediments go?
Eric Hester
University of Sydney
Slim or stout? Which iceberg lasts longer?
Jessica Kenigson
University of Colorado-Boulder
A simple adiabatic model for vertical variation of halocline slope in the Beaufort Gyre
Margaret Lindeman
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
A supercool mechanism for secondary sea ice growth
Agostino Meroni
University of Milan-Bicocca
Do icebergs know that the Earth spins?
Guillaume Michel
Ecole Normale Supèrieure
Cooling via baroclinic acoustic streaming
Earle Wilson
University of Washington
The dynamics of subglacial plume liftoff
Madeleine Youngs
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Energy fluxes in mixed barotropic-baroclinic instability: Up-gradient or down-gradient?


Oceane Richet
Ècole Polytechnique
The effects of Kelvin and topographic Rossby waves in Denmark Strait overflow
Paula Doubrawa
Cornell University
A new vortex method for modeling multiple wakes
Qi Li
Princeton University
Modeling morphodynamics of a tidally forced wetland
Colin Meyer
Harvard University
Meltwater percolation and refreezing in compacting snow
Keaton Burns
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rolling resistance on sand
Anna Skipper
Georgia Institute of Technology
Splash and spray of a partially submerged rotating disk
Sahil Agarwal
Yale University
Simple models of ice distribution and mixed layer depths in the Fram Strait
Jason Olsthoorn
University of Cambridge
A brief introduction to eroding bodies in a background flow
Michael Gomez
University of Oxford
Capillary sorting: thin film flows of particles
Christopher Miles
University of Michigan
Dynamics of active droplets


Yana Bebieva
Yale University
Punctuated plume penetration: Entrainment dynamics of the layered filling box
Thomas Beucler
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Large-scale advection, condensation and diffusion of water vapor
Thomas Eaves
University of Cambridge
Noisy homoclinic pulse dynamics: Back to the origin
Giovanni Fantuzzi
Imperial College London
Bounds for deterministic and stochastic dynamical systems using sum-of-squares programming
Anna FitzMaurice
Princeton University
A stochastic approach to examining the predictability of Arctic sea ice
Florence Marcotte
Ecole Normale Supérieure
Fast cooling of a hot disc
Gunnar Peng
University of Cambridge
The diffusion fish
Andre Souza
University of Michigan
Instantons in the presence of chaos: Is noise really your friend?
Christopher Spalding
California Institute of Technology
The most catastrophic catastrophe: Population dynamics under random extreme events
Cesar Rocha
University of California, San Diego
Scaling ocean stratification: Coupled asymptotic model equations for strongly stratified flows


Joern Callies
MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography
The role of mixed layer instabilities in submesoscale turbulence
Joseph Fitzgerald
Harvard University
Understanding eddy saturation in the southern ocean using mean field theory
Paige Martin
University of Michigan
A study of heat transport and the runaway greenhouse effect using an idealized model
Ashley Payne
University of California, Irvine
The role of the lapse rate feedback in Arctic amplification
Geoff Stanley
University of Oxford
The most minimal seed for the onset of shear turbulence
Shineng Hu
Yale University
Models for tropopause height and radiative-convective equilibrium
Jim Thomas
New York University
Vortex filament dynamics in two dimensions
Erica Rosenblum
University of California, San Diego
Thermobaric effects on double-diffusive staircases
Alexis Kaminski
University of Cambridge
An experimental investigation of the Rossby two-slit problem
Daniel Mukiibi
University of Hamburg
A numerical study of the downstream development of baroclinic instability


Tobias Bischoff
California Institute of Technology
Energy stability and transport efficiency in forced stratified shear flows
Catherine Jones
University of California, San Diego
Investigation of lock exchange in a 3D valley configuration
Daniel Lecoanet
University of California, Berkeley
Nonlinear optimal perturbations
Kate Snow
Australian National University
Particle driven flows down an incline into a linear stratification
Ton van den Bremer
University of Oxford
Induced mean flow of weakly nonlinear internal wave packets
Karin van der Wiel
University of East Anglia
On the collision of sea breeze gravity currents
Gregory Wagner
University of California, San Diego
Granular flow in a rotating drum
Yuki Yasuda
The University of Tokyo
Response of thermohaline circulation to changes in precipitation
Varvara Zemskova
Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Modeling the evolution of a particle-rich layer in a double diffusive regime


Cedric Beaume
Universite de Toulouse
A reduced model for exact coherent structures in high Reynolds shear flows
Vamsi Krishna Chalamalla
University of California, San Diego
What goes up doesn't come down: the effect of upwelling and downwelling on turbulent entrainment in a surface stress-driven flow
Felicity Graham
University of Tasmania
Equatorial quasi-geostrophy
Yuan Guo
New York University
Scattering of internal waves over random topography
Pedram Hassanzdeh
University of California, Berkeley
Optimal transport: wall to wall
Duncan Hewitt
Cambridge University
Thixotorpic gravity currents and the ketchup question
Bevin Maultsby
University of North Carolina
A 2-dimensional, 3-component model of Langmuir circulation
Rosalind Oglethorpe
University of Cambridge
Spin down of a stellar interior
Alban Sauret
Aix-Marseille University & IRPHE
Smoothing out sandpiles: rotational bulldozing of granular material
Srikanth Toppaladoddi
Yale University
Swimming slender rods in Stokes flow


Matthew Chantry
University of Bristol
Traversing the edge: how turbulence decays
Andrew Crosby
University of Cambridge
Chaotic interaction of vortex patches with boundaries
Martin Hoecker-Martinez
Oregon State University
Constraints on low order models: the cost of simplicity
Keiji Kimura
Kyoto University
A one-fluid MHD model with electron inertia
Chao Ma
University of Colorado, Boulder
On Brownian motion in a fluid with a plane boundary
Giulio Mariotti
Boston University
A low dimensional model for shear turbulence in Plane Poiseuille flow: an example to understand the edge
Adele Morrison
Australian National University
Upstream basin circulation of rotating, hydraulically controlled flows
John Platt
Harvard University
Localized solutions in plane Couette flow: continuation methods
Samuel Potter
Princeton University
Islands in locally forced basin circulations
Lindsey Ritchie
University of Strathclyde
Ascending the ridge: maximizing the heat flux in steady porous medium convection
Zhan Wang
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Two-layer viscus fluid in an inclined closed tube: Kelvin-Helmholtz instability


Michael Allshouse
Finding Lagrangian Structures via the Application of Braid Theory
David Goluskin
Columbia University
Who Ate Whom? Age-Structured Trophic Dynamics
Renske Gelderloos
Utrecht University
Dynamics of Air-Blown Dimples
Georgy Manucharyan
Yale University
Mixing in Stratified Sheared Flows - Dynamics of the Staircases
Woosok Moon
Yale University
On-Off Intermittency in Locally Connected Maps
Kiori Obuse
Kyoto University
Trajectories of a Treadmilling Swimmer - Can it Escape from its Image?
Amanda O'Rourke
Princeton University
Optimal Mixing on the Surface of a Sphere
Sam Pegler
University of Cambridge
Swimming in Mud
Anubhab Roy
Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR)
Dynamics of Vorticity Defects in Stratified Shear
Emma Thompson
University of Cambridge
Cave Rings


Michael Bates
University of New South Wales
Resonant triad interactions on an extended equatorial ß-plane
Erinna Chen
University of California,
Santa Cruz
Degradation of the internal tide over long bumpy topography
Nicolas Grisouard
Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble
Quantum vortices in a glass of Bose-Einstein condensate
Andong He
Penn State University
Some geometrical aspects of nonlinear waves
Yiping Ma
University of California, Berkeley
The derivation and application of convection pattern equations
Alireza Mashayekhi
University of Toronto
Variation of the eddy difusivity across jets in the southern ocean due to discontinuities
Hélène Scolan
Ecole Normale Supérieure
Destabilizing a seiche with a movable dam
Andrew Stewart
University of Oxford
Nonlinear Rossby shelf waves in a rotating annulus
Daisuke Takagi
University of Cambridge
Nonlinear peristaltic waves
Adrienne Traxler
University of California,
Santa Cruz
Transverse stability of Su-Gardner solutions
Hiroki Yamamoto
Kyoto University
Laboratory experiment on two coalescing axisymmetric turbulent plumes in a rotating fluid



Sylvain Barbot
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Models of volcanic tremors & singing icebergs
Christopher Cawthorn
University of Cambridge
Close encounters of the viscous kind: first contact in a viscous fluid
Christophe Gissinger
Ecole Normale Supérieure
Energy and dissipation in MHD systems
Celine Guervilly
Université Joseph-Fourier
Toy model of the solar radiative zone
George Hagstrom
University of Texas at Austin
Bounds for shear-stress driven flows
Ian Hewitt
Oxford University
Continual skipping on water
Malte Jansen
On the interaction of eddies with large-scale topography
Amrita Shravat
Oxford University
Experiment on mixing induced by a horizontal disc
Toby Wood
University of Cambridge
(Huge) problems with surface tension
Yutian Wu
Columbia University
Equilibria of diffusive moist static energy balance models


Rebecca Dell
Nonlinear Ekman dynamics for an advective flow
Basile Gallet
Ecole Normale Supérieure
Instability theory of swirling flows with suction
Jeroen Hazewinkel
Amsterdam University
Internal wave radiation from gravity current down a slope in a stratified fluid
Miranda Holmes
Courant Institute of Mathematics
Length and shape of a lava tube
Iva Kavcic
University of Zagreb
An experimental study of the circular internal hydraulic jump
Frederic Laliberte
New York University
Double diffusive effects in a dam break experiment
Angel Ruiz-Angulo
Simultaneous differential diffusion under weak turbulence
Henrik van Lengerich
Cornell University
Convection of a van der Waals fluid near the critical point
Andrew Wells
Yale University
Variations in sea surface temperature due to near surface straining flow
Jan Zika
University of New South Wales
The stability of boundary layer flows


Devin T. Conroy
University of California, San Diego
Mush-liquid interfaces with cross flow
Ian L. Eisenman
Harvard University
Arctic catastrophes in an idealized sea ice model
Daniel N. Goldberg
New York University
Glancing interactions of internal solitary waves
Shane R. Keating
Patterns of convection in a mushy layer
Takahide Okabe
University of Texas
A particle-simulation method to study mixing efficiencies
Robert Style
Cambridge University
The evaporation of a salty film
Victor Tsai
Harvard University
The formation of star patterns on lake ice
Dominic Vella
Ecole Normale Supérieure
On thin ice: the mechanics of failure in sea ice
Rachel Zammett
Oxford University
Breaking moraine dams by catastrophic erosional incision


Benjamin F. Akers
University of Illinois
Shallow Water Flows through a Contraction
Alexander E. Hasha
New York University
A Search for Baroclinic Structures
Inga M. Koszalka
Politecnico Di Torino
The Vibrating Pendulum and Stratifying Fluids
Walter Pauls
Max-Planck, MPIDS, Göttingen
Diffusion Processes in a Cellular Flow
Marcus L. Roper
Harvard University
Internal Wave Breaking and Mixing in the Deep Ocean
John F. Rudge
Trinity College
Scattering Past a Cylinder with Weak Circulation
Khachik Sargsyan
Sandia National Lab, Livermore
Fluctuations in Chemical Systems in the Large Volume Regime
Tiffany A. Shaw
Bounds on Multiscale Mixing Efficiency
Ravi Srinivasan
Brown University
Simple Models with Cascade of Energy and Anomalous Dissipation
Aya Tanabe
Imperial College of London
Laboratory Experiments on Mesoscale Vortices Colliding with Multiple Islands
Arghir Dani Zarnescu
Oxford University
Intermittency in Simple Models for Turbulent Transport


Josefina Moraes Arraut
Ctr. Earth System Sciences, Institute of
Space Studies
Rossby Wave Scattering between Homogenous Media
Vineet K. Birman
University of California, Santa Barbara
Non-Normal Convection
Eleanor Williams Frajka
University of Washington
Eddy generation by flow over variable topography: some experiments
Visweswaran Nageswaran
New York University
Parametric Instability of Internal Waves with Rotation
Lisa Neef
KNMI, Netherlands
Resonant Triads of Tidally-Forced Internal Gravity Waves
Anja Slim
University of California, Santa Cruz
Exotic Gravity Currents
Yaron Toledo
High Order Boussinesq Models for Internal Interfacial Waves and Layered SQG
David Vener
Two-Dimensional Vortex Shedding from a Corner
Danielle Wain
Iowa State University
Laboratory Experiments on the Effect of Baroclinic Eddies on a Dense Plume in a Rotating StratifiedFluid
Marshall Ward
GFD Canberra
Double Diffusive Gravity Currents under Rotation


Amit Apte
The geophysical applications of non-Newtonian fluid dynamics: waves in the Oldroyd-B ocean
Neil Martinsen-Burrell
Wartburg College, Iowa
A novel layered QG model
Junjun Liu
California Institude of Technology
Stability of viscoplastic flow
Joel C. Miller
University of British Columbia, Canada
Elastic critical layers
Julia Mullarney
Dalhousie University, Canada
Experiments on nonlinear Rossby adjustment in a channel
Anshuman Roy
University of California, Santa Barbara
The viscoelastic catenary
Alison Rust
Bristol University, UK
Flow-induced oscillations: a source mechanism for volcanic tremor?
Andrew F. Thompson
East Anglia, UK
Diffusively-driven overturning of a stable density gradient
Christopher L. Wolfe
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Eddy generation by flow over variable topography: some experiments


Alexandros Alexakis
Observatoire de la cote d'azur, France
Bounds on the Energy Dissipation on the Magnetic Couette and Poiseuille (Hartmann) Shear Flow
Evstati G. Evstatiev
Los Alamos National Lab
Bound on the Heat Transport through a Layer from the Boundary Layer Theory Perspective: Fixed Heat Flux
Lu Lu
Wachovia investments
Upper Bounds for Convection in an Internally Heated Fluid Layer
Francois Petrelis
Ecole Normale Superiéure
Bounds on the Dissipation in MHD Problems in Plane Geometry with Magnetic and Velocity Shear
Stephen C. Plasting
Goldman Sachs
Upper Bounds on the Heat transport in Infinite Prandtl Number Convection
Ulrike Riemenschneider
teaching high school, Dublin, Ireland
Ball Release Experiment in a Centrifuge
Jennifer H. Siggers
Imperial College of London
Horizontal Convection
Radostin D. Simitev
University of Glasgow, Scotland
Inertial Wave Convection in Rotating Spherical Fluid Shells
Tomoki Tozuka
University of Tokyo, Japan
On Cyclic and Oscillatory Convection in a Simplified Box Model with Entrainment
Huiqun Wang
Harvard University
Rearrangement of Annual Rings of High Vorticity


Helen C. Andersson
Goteborg University, Sweden
Abyssal flow in a two-layer model with sloping boundaries and a mid-ocean ridge
Fiona J.R. Eccles
Lancaster University, UK
Nonlinear effects on ENSO's period
Edwin P. Gerber
Columbia University
The Time Evolution of Water Vapor "Black Holes" in the Upper Troposphere
Takamitsu Ito
Colorado State University
The Black Hole of Water Vapor and the Asymmetries in the Tropical Circulation
Shreyas D. Mandre
Harvard University
Effect of Bottom Topography on Roll Wave Instabilities
Matthew S. Spydell
University of California, San Diego
Diagnosing El Nino - La Nina Transitions
Lianke A. Te Raa
Convective Oscillations in a Laboratory Model
Chiara Toniolo
Slipping Instability in a System of Two Superposed Fluid Layers


Giulio Boccaletti
McKinsey & Company, UK
Monsoons in a Moist Axially Symmetric Model of the Atmosphere
Lucy J. Campbell
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
A Quasi-Biennial Oscillation Generated by Gravity Wave Breaking
Tivon E. Jacobson
lives in Japan
Vorticity on a Barred Beach
Zhiming Kuang
Harvard University
A Truncated Model of Finite-Amplitude Baroclinic Waves in a Channel
Cheryl L. Lacotta
University of Arizona
Can a Simple Two-Layer Model Capture the Structure of Easterly Waves?
Christos M. Mitas
Eddy PV Fluxes in a One-Dimensional Model of Quasi-Geostrophic Turbulence
Karen M. Shell
Oregon State University
Superrotation in an Axisymmetric Shallow Water Model of the Upper Troposphere
Christian Sonekan
Agat Lab., Inc., Calgary, Canada
Experimental Investigation of a Theory for Oceanic Convection
Christopher C. Walker
Harvard University
What Makes Oceanic Gravity Currents Flow Downhill


Jennifer E. Curtis
Georgia Tech
What Comes acound Goes Around: A Bug's Life
Raffaele Ferrari
The Temperature Salinity Relationship in the Mixed Layer
Pascale Garaud
Univ. of Calif., Santa Cruz
Stationary Vortices in a Keplerian Shear Flow
Jennifer A. Mackinnon
Univ. of Calif., San Diego
Stirring and Mixing by Vortical Modes
Meredith M. Metzger
Scalar Dispersion in a Two-Dimensional Random Flow Field
Jeffrey M. Moehlis
Univ. of Calif., Santa Barbara
Effect of a Simple Storm on a Simple Ocean
David I. Osmond
Wind Lab Systems
Some Analysis of a Two-dimensional Double Diffusion Experiment
Roberto Sassi
University of Milan, Italy
Coupled Nonlinear Oscillators
Yuan-nan Young
NJ Institute of Technology
On Stratified Kolmogorov Flow


Aaron C. Birch
Towards a Non-linear Model for Spicules
Sarah L. Dance
University of Reading
Forecasting Improvement via Optimal Choice of Sites for Observations: A Toy Model
Blanca Gallego
Decadal Oscillations in the Mid-latitude Ocean-atmosphere System
Andrew R. Jacobson
Northwestern University
Pandora's Lattice: Family-synchronized States in a Globally Coupled Logistic Map Lattice
Panayotis Kevrekidis
University of Massachusetts
Effects of Discreteness in Solitonic Excitations: A Future Challenge or just Numerical Observations
Andrew E. Kiss
Chaos in the "Sliced Cone" Model of Wind-driven Ocean Circulation
Carolyn R. Mockett
Dispersion and Reconstruction
Claudia Pasquero
Hill's Horshoes: Chaos in a Forced System
Mark S. Roulston
Met Office
Data Assimilation in Chaotic Systems
Amy Qing Shen
Washington University
Mathematical and Analog Modeling of Lava Dome Growth


Annalisa Bracco, Georgia Tech
Claudia Cenedese, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Jon Xinzhong Chen, Peking University
Keir Colbo, Dalhousie University, Canada
Christopher Hills, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
Katsurou Katsumata, Hokkaido University, Japan
Allen Kuo, MIT, then bank in China
Jeffrey Parsons, Herrera Environmental Consultants and Univ. of Washington
Jurgen Theiss, University of Cambridge, UK
Mary-Louise Timmermans, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Sebastien Aumaitre, Centre d'etude de Saclay, France
Joseph Biello, Rochester Polytechnic Institute
Alexander Casti, Mt. Sinai Hospital
Tonushree Kundu, University of California at Berkeley
Francesco Paparella, Universita di Lecce, Italy
James Stephens, GFDL
Suzanne Talon, Montreal, Canada
Jean-Luc Thiffeault, University of Wisconsin
Naftali Tsitverblit, Tel-Aviv University
Jonathan Wylie, City University, Hong Kong


Jonathan Aurnou, UCLA
Helene Banks, Hadley Center, Met Office, UK
Paul J. Dellar, Imperial University, UK
Oleg E. Esenkov, Exxon, NOAA, Miami
T. James Noyes, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Vakhtang Putkaradze, Colorado State University
Fiammetta Straneo, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Stephen Zatman, University of Washington (deceased)


Martin A. Bees, University of Glasgow, Scotland
Emmanuel Boss, University of Maine
Tonya Clayton, Florida science writer and editor
Amanda Cohen, University of Georgetown
Amar Gandhi, Microsoft program manager 1E7 team
Maryam Golnaraghi, WMO chief of DRR Programme
Deborah A. LeBel, LDEO
Douglas T. Morgan, Breakpoint LLC consulting firm for banks, Atlanta
Michael Neubert, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
J. Scott Stewart, Inst. Arctic and Alpine Res., University of Colorado


Oliver Buhler, New York University, CIMS
Diego del-Castillo-Negrete, Oakridge National Lab
Silvana S. S. Cardoso, University of Cambridge, UK
Geoffrey Dairiki, free lance programming, Seattle
Sean McNamara, University of Rennes, Inst. de Physique, France
Keith Ngan, Meteorological Office, U.K.
Caroline L. Nore, University of Paris, France
Dean Petrich, CalTech
Kyle Swanson, University of Wisconsin
Rodney A. Worthing, Breasco LLC, Ann Arbor


Rupert Ford, Imperial College, UK (deceased)
Richard Holme, University of Liverpool, UK
Petros J. Ioannou, National and Capodistrian University of Athens
Raymond P. LeBeau, University of Kentucky
Doug Parker, Leeds University, UK
Andrew Stamp, Director and Owner, private software company, Yambay
Louis Tao, NJ Institute of Technology
Philip A. Yecko, Montclair State University
Qingping Zou, University of Plymouth


Xiao-Liang Chen, computer industry, Texas
Rebecca Bryony Hoyle, University of Surrey, UK
Krishna Kumar, Indian Institute of Technology, India
Paul Antoine Milewski, University of Wisconsin
John Forest Olson, MIT, Earth Research Lab
Shin-Ichi Takehiro, Kyushu University
Darryn W. Waugh, Johns Hopkins University
Richard James Williams, European Sc. Init. at MSFT Res., Cambridge, UK
Thomas Peter Witelski, Duke University


Neil J. Balmforth, University of British Columbia
George I. Bell, Tech-X, Boulder, CO
Colm-Cille P. Caulfield, BP Institute, Cambridge, UK
Brian Chaboyer, Dartmouth University
Richard Kerswell, Bristol, UK
Stefan J. Linz, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Germany
Nathan Platt, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Silver Sping, MD
Wendell F. Welch, NCAR
Eric C. Won, NY bank


Eric P. Chassignet, Florida State University
Liang Gui Chen, 24 Hour Fitness
R. Vance Condie, Dalton School
Sandip Ghosal, Northwestern University
Richard A. Jarvis, London bank
Scott W. Jones, University of Akron
Roland Mallier, University of Western Ontario
Georgi G. Sutyrin, University of Rhode Island
LuAnne Thompson, University of Washington
Irene Yushina, Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russia


James R. Countryman
Stephanie Douady, Ecole Normale Supérieure, France
Tim E. Dowling, University of Louisville, Comparative Planetary Lab.
Mathew Maltrud, University of California, Santa Cruz
Steven Siems, Monash University, Australia
John Thuburn, Exeter University, UK
Fabian Waleffe, University of Wisconsin
Andrew W. Woods, University of Cambridge, BP Institute for Multiphase Flow, UK


Lorna Brazell, lawyer, Bird & Bird, London, UK
Andrew D. Gilbert, Exeter University, UK
Rainer Hollerbach, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Bin Bin Hu, University of Cambridge, UK
Richard L. Jennings, Shell
Isaac Klapper, Montana State University
Jack F. McMillan, Hawaii Pacific University
Jun-Ichi Yano, Meteo-France CNRM, Toulouse, France


Yehuda Agnon, Technion, Israel
Joseph Barsugli, CIRES, University of Colorado
Gavin Biebuyck, Liberty Environmental, Inc., Reading, PA
Nicholas H. Brummel, University of California, Santa Cruz
Dan Henningson, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
Katherine Hedstrom, Rutgers University
Ya Yan Lu, City University of Hong Kong
Zhongshan Quin, China Pres. Asia Pacific
Uwe Send, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Robert Van Buskirk, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.


Janet Becker, University of Hawaii
Kirk Brattkus, SMU
William Collins, University of Sheffield, UK
Michael Landman, BHP Petroleum, Victoria, Australia
William Morrell, Plantronics Ind.
Leslie Smith, University of Wisconsin
James W. Swift, Scripps Institution of Oceanography


Bruce J. Bayly, University of Arizona
Andre Gorius Rhodia, France, multi-national fine chemicals group
Yoshi-Yuki Hayashi, Kobe University, Japan
Oliver S. Kerr, City University, London, UK
Ross C. Kerr, ANU GFD
Lorenzo M. Polvani, Columbia University
Leonard A. Smith, LSE, Fellow, Pembroke College, UK
John E. Taylor, ADFA, Canberra, Australia


Charles Corfield, entreprenur, Silicon valley
Pierre J. Flament, University of Hawaii
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