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Proceedings Volume 2002


2002 Program in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Bounds on Turbulent Transport

John A. Whitehead, Director
Friedrich Busse, Louis Howard, Charles Doering, Peter Constantin, Colm-cille Caulfield, Richard Kerswell, Principal Lecturers
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA 02543 USA



Preface by John A. Whitehead (pdf)

Lecture 1 (pdf)

Hydrodynamic Stability

Lecture 2 (pdf)

Phase Turbulence in Convection

Lecture 3 (pdf)

The Sequence-of-Bifurcation Approach for the Transition to Turbulence

Lecture 4 (pdf)

Simple Approaches to Some Bounding

Lecture 5 (pdf)

Upper Bounds for Turbulent Transport

Lecture 6 (pdf)

Bounds on Turbulent Transport

Lecture 7 (pdf)


Lecture 8 (pdf)

Bounds for Rotating Fluids

Lecture 9 (pdf)

Bounds on Mixing in Stratified Shear Flows

Lecture 10 (pdf)

Unification of Variational Principles for Turbulent Shear Flows: the Mean-Fluctuation Formulation of Howard-Busse and the Background Method of Doering-Constantin


Fellows' Reports

Bounds on the Energy Dissipation on the Magnetic Couette and Poiseuille (Hartmann) Shear Flow (pdf)

Alexandros Alexakis, University of Chicago

Bound on the Heat Transport through a Layer from the Boundary Layer Theory Perspective: Fixed Heat Flux (pdf)

Evstati G. Evstatiev, University of Texas, Austin

Upper Bounds for Convection in an Internally Heated Fluid Layer (pdf)

Lu Lu, University of Michigan

Upper Bounds on the Heat Transport in Infinite Prandtl Number Convection (pdf)

Stephen C. Plasting, University of Bristol, UK

Horizontal Convection (pdf)

Jennifer H. Siggers, University of Cambridge, UK

On Cyclic and Oscillatory Convection in a Simplified Box Model with Entrainment (pdf)

Tomoki Tozuka, University of Tokyo, Japan

Rearrangement of Annular Rings of High Vorticity (pdf)

Huiqun Wang, California Institute of Technology