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Proceedings Volume 2000


2000 Program in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

The General Circulation of the Atmosphere

Richard L. Salmon, Director
Isaac M.Held, Principal Lecturer
Janet Fields, Administrator
Jean-Luc Thiffeault, Editor
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA 02543 US



Preface by Richard L. Salmon (pdf)

Lectures by Isaac M. Held (pdf)

Lecture 1: Surface Winds and Vorticity Mixing
Lecture 2: A Linear Perspective on Eddy Momentum Fluxes
Lecture 3: A Shallow Water Model
Lecture 4: A Two Layer Model
Lecture 5: Continuous Stratification
Lecture 6: The Hadley Cell
Lecture 7: A Moist Hadley Cell
Lecture 8: Superrotation
Lecture 9: Turbulent Diffusion in MidlatitudesLecture 10: The Extratropical Static Stability


Fellows' Reports

Monsoons in a Moist Axially Symmetric Model of the Atmosphere (pdf)

Giulio Boccaletti, Princeton University

A Quasi-Biennial Oscillation Generated by Gravity Wave Breaking (pdf)

Lucy Campbell, McGill University, CANADA

Vorticity on a Barred Beach (pdf)

Tivon Jacobson, New York University

A Truncated Model of Finite-Amplitude Baroclinic Waves in a Channel (pdf)

Zhiming Kuang, California Institute of Technology

Can a Simple Two-Layer Model Capture the Structure of Easterly Waves? (pdf)

Cheryl Lacotta, University of Arizona

Eddy PV Fluxes in a One-Dimensional Model of Quasi-Geostrophic Turbulence (pdf)

Christos Mitas, University of Illinois

Superrotation in an Axisymmetric Shallow Water Model of the Upper Troposphere (pdf)

Karen Shell, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Experimental Investigation of a Theory for Oceanic Convection (pdf)

Christian Sonekan, University of Charleston

What Makes Oceanic Gravity Currents Flow Downhill (pdf)

Christopher Walker, University of California, Irvine