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Proceedings Volume 2013


2013 Program in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

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Buoyancy-Driven Flows

Claudia Cenedese, Eric Chassignet and Stefan Llewellyn Smith, Directors
Paul Linden, Principal Lecturer
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA  02543

Lecture Notes taken by GFD Fellows


Principal Lectures

Preface (pdf)

Preface 2013

Lecture 1 (pdf)

Introduction to gravity currents

Lecture 2 (pdf)

Scaling laws

Lecture 3 (pdf)

Hydraulic theories

Lecture 4 (pdf)

Shallow water theory

Lecture 5 (pdf)

Two-layer bores and non-Boussinesq gravity currents

Lecture 6 (pdf)

Stratified environments

Lecture 7 (pdf)

Continuously stratified ambient

Lecture 8 (pdf)

Rotating currents

Lecture 9 (pdf)

Mass loss currents

Lecture 10 (pdf)

Gravity currents on slopes and in turbulent environments


Fellows' Reports

Response of thermohaline circulation to changes in precipitation (pdf)

Yuki Yasuda, University of Tokyo

Particle driven flow down an incline into a linear stratification (pdf)

Kate Snow, Australian National University

Nonlinear optimal perturbations (pdf)

Daniel Lecoanet, University of California, Berkeley

Energy stability and mixing efficiency in forced stratified shear flows (pdf)

Tobias Bischoff, California Institute of Technology

Investigation of lock release gravity currents in an upslope valley (pdf)

Catherine Jones, University of California, San Diego

Modelling the evolution of an iron-rich layer in a double diffusive regime (pdf)

Barbara Zemskova, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

On the collision of sea breeze gravity currents (pdf)

Karin van der Wiel, University of East Anglia

Granular flow in a rotating drum (pdf)

Gregory Wagner, University of California, San Diego

The Stokes drift of internal gravity wave groups (pdf)

Ton van den Bremer, University of Oxford