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GFD Previous Topics & Lecturers

Year Lecturer Topic
2017 Andrew Fowler, Adrian Jenkins, Fiamma Straneo Ice-Ocean Interactions
2016 Michael Shelley, Peko Hosoi Fluid-Structure Interaction in the Living Environment
2015 Henk Dijkstra, Charles Doering Stochastic Processes in Atmospheric and Oceanic Dynamics
2014 Kerry Emanuel, Geoff Vallis Water, Radiation, and Convection in the Climate System; Large Scale Dynamics in the Atmosphere and Ocean
2013 Paul Linden Buoyancy-Driven Flows
2012 Edgar Knobloch, Jeffrey Weiss Spatially Localized Structures: Theory and Applications
2011 Richard Kerswell, Fabian Waleffe Shear Turbulence: Onset and Structure
2010 Glenn Flierl, Antonello Provenzale, Jean-Luc Thiffeault Swirling and Swimming in Turbulence
2009 Roger Grimshaw, Harvey Segur Nonlinear Waves
2008 Stephen Childress Charles Doering, Stephan Fauve, Raffaele Ferrari, Christopher Garrett, Herbert Huppert, John Marshall, Raymond Pierrehumbert, Timour Radko Perspectives and Challenges in GFD
2007 Joseph Pedlosky, Steve Lentz Boundary Layers
2006 Grae Worster Ice
2005 Joseph Keller, George Papanicolaou and Eric-Vanden Eijnden Fast Times and Fine Scales
2004 Myrl Hendershott and Christopher Garrett Tides
2003 John Hinch Non-newtonian Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
2002 Friedrich Busse, Louis Howard, Charles Doering, Peter Constantin, Colm-cille Caulfield, Richard Kerswell Bounds on Turbulent Transport
2001 Eli Tziperman, Paola Cessi, Raymond Pierrehumbert Conceptual Models in Climate Dynamics
2000 Isaac Held The General Circulation of the Atmosphere
1999 William Young Stirring and Mixing
1998 Antonello Provenzale Astrophysical and Geophysical Flows as Dynamical Systems
1997 Larry Pratt Rotating Hydraulic Control
1996 Barry Ruddick, George Veronis, Raymond Schmitt, Eric Kunze Double-Diffusive Processes
1995 Ruby Krishnamurti, John Marshall, Joe Fernando Rotating Convection
1994 Donald B. Olson, Glenn Flierl, Daniel Grunbaum, Simon Levin Biophysical Models of Oceanic Population Dynamics
1993 Phillip Morrison Geometrical Methods in Fluid Dynamics.
1992 Andrew Ingersoll, Jun-Ichi Yano Dynamics Of The Outer Planets.
1991 Stefan Fauve Patterns in Fluid Flow
1990 Jean-Paul Zahn, Edward A. Spiegel Stellar Fluid Dynamics.
1989 Meryl Hendershott Genera Circulation of the Oceans.
1988 Kerry Emanuel The Influence of Convection on Large-Scale Circulations.
1987 Stephen Childress Order and Disorder in Planetary Dynamos.
1986 Martin Landahl Turbulence.
1985 Edward Spiegel Chaos.
1984 Herbert Huppert Geological Fluid Dynamics.
1983 Peter Killworth Baroclinic Instability and Ocean Fronts
1982 Peter Rhines, Glenn Flierl, Rick Salmon, David Andrews Particle Motions in Fluid.
1981 Edward Spiegel The History and Physics of Buoyancy In Fluids.
1980 Glenn Flierl, Andrew Ingersoll, L.D. Redekopp, Joseph B. Keller Coherent Features in Geophysical Flows.
1979 Michael McCartney Polar Oceanography.
1978 Stephen Childress Geomagnetic Dynamo Theory.
1977 Martin Landahl Turbulence
1976 Richard Lindzen, Abraham Oort, Claes Rooth and Others Global Climatology.
1975 Dan Mckenzie
Fritz Busse
Mantle Convection
1974 George Veronis Large-Scale Ocean Circulation.
1973 Owen Phillips Nonlinear Wave Interactions.
1972 Stewart Turner Mixing In Stratified Fluids.
1971 Andrew Ingersoll Dynamics of Planetary Atmospheres.
1970 Joseph Pedlosky Flow in Rotating Stratified Systems.
1969 Joseph B. Keller, Willem Malkus
Kevin Pendergast, Edward Spiegel, Alar Toomre, Jean-Paul Zahn
Perturbation Methods in Fluid Mechanics.
Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics.
1968 Henry Stommel, Louis Howard Rotating and Stratified Fluids.
1967 Freeman Gilbert, Paul Roberts, Stephen Childress The Interior of the Earth.
1966 Louis Howard, Melvin Stern, George Veronis Rotating, Stratified Flow.
1965 Francis Bretherton Rotating, Stratified Fluids.
1964 Allan Robinson Rotating Fluids and the General Ocean Circulation.
1963 Derek Moore
Donald Osterbrock
Rotating Fluids
Introduction to Astrophysics.
1962 No Principal Lecturer. An Astrophysics Summer.
1961 George Veronis
N.P. Fofonoff
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics.
Energy Transformations in the Ocean.
1960 Louis Howard and Others Fluid Dynamics.
1959 George Veronis and Others Topics in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Meteorology, Oceanography, And Radiation.