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Lectures/Seminars are held in Walsh Cottage in Woods Hole Village

Beginning July 5th, all seminars will begin at 10:30 a.m. unless otherwise noted**



Peter Schmid, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Laure Zanna, New York University



Tuesday, June 21

Peter Schmid
Review of Data-decomposition Based on Linear Algebra

Wednesday, June 22

Laure Zanna
Spatio-temporal Decomposition of Time Series

Thursday, June 23

Peter Schmid
Transfer Operator for Data Analysis (part 1)

Friday, June 24

Peter Schmid
Transfer Operator for Data Analysis (part 2)


Monday, June 27


Laure Zanna
Forced Response from Climate Statistics


Peter Schmid
Uncertainty, Outliers, Predictability

Tuesday, June 28

Laure Zanna
Bayesian and Markovian Approaches to Data Analysis

Wednesday, June 29

Laure Zanna
Discovering Equations and Operators from Data

Thursday, June 30

Peter Schmid
Advanced Approaches in Signal Processing

Friday, July 1

Laure Zanna
Advanced Approaches in ML for Physics


Monday, July 4


Tuesday, July 5

Elizabeth Carlson, University of Victoria
Accurately and Efficiently Modeling Turbulent Flows: Mathematical Analysis and Computations on the Effectiveness and Robustness of the AOT Algorithm

Wednesday, July 6

Christopher Rycroft, Harvard University
Uncovering the Rules of Crumpling with a Data-driven Approach

Thursday, July 7

Anubhab Roy, ITT Madras
Sedimenting Anisotropic Particles: Dynamics of Ice Crystals in Clouds

Friday, July 8

Mattia Serra, U. California San Diego
Search and Rescue at Sea Aided by Hidden Flow Structures


Monday, July 11

**10:00 a.m.

Anuj Kumar, U. California Santa Cruz
Optimizing Scalar Transport Using Three-dimensional Branching Pipe Flows

**11:00 a.m.

Lois Baker, Imperial College London
The Impact of Realistic Topographic Representation on the Parameterization of Lee Wave Energy Flux

Tuesday, July 12

Basile Gallet, CEA Saclay
Meridional Buoyancy Transport by Baroclinic Turbulence

Wednesday, July 13

Marko Budišić, Clarkson University
Improving Efficiency of Data Assimilation by Particle Filters Using Data-driven Model Decompositions

Thursday, July 14th

**10:00 a.m.

Madeleine Youngs, New York University
Baroclinic Annular Mode in the Southern Hemisphere

**11:00 a.m.

Anthony Bonfils, NORDITA
Asymptotic Interpretation of the Miles Mechanism of Wind-Wave Instability

Friday, July 15

**10:00 a.m.

Gianluca Meneghello, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Large Scale and Mesoscale Dynamics of the Arctic Ocean

**11:00 a.m.

Sankalp Nambiar, NORDITA
Hydrodynamics of Slender Swimmers near Deformable Interfaces


Monday, July 18

Jack Whitehead, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
A Double Diffusion Calculation That Produces Continents and Ocean Basins

Tuesday, July 19

Pedram Hassanzadeh, Rice University
Learning Data-driven Subgrid-Scale Models: Stability, Extrapolation, and Interpretation

Wednesday, July 20

Jeremy Parker, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Invariant Tori in Turbulence and Chaos

Thursday, July 21

Raffaele Ferrari, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Pondering How Ocean Waters Rise from the Abyss: From Theory to Observations

Friday, July 22

Michael Brenner, Harvard University
Towards Hygienic Modelling of Complex Phenomena: From Asymptotic Expansions (implemented in Code) to Machine-learned Closures


Monday, July 25

Freddy Bouchet, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon
Predicting Extreme Heat Waves using Rare Event Simulations and Deep Neural Networks

Tuesday, July 26

Biswajit Basu, Trinity College Dublin
On the 3D Modelling of Equatorial Undercurrent and Some Insight into Particle Paths in Stratified Rotational Flows

Wednesday, July 27

Tom Eaves, University of Dundee
Transition and Equilibria in Stratified Shear Flow

Thursday, July 28

Peter Baddoo, Massachussets Institute of Technology
Physics-informed Dynamic Mode Decomposition

Friday, July 29

Adrian Fraser, U. California Santa Cruz
Non-ideal Instabilities in Sinusoidal Shear Flows with a Streamwise Magnetic Field


Monday, August 1

Keaton Burns, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Modern Spectral Methods for PDEs

Tuesday, August 2

Glenn Flierl, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Topographic Solitary Waves and Groups

Wednesday, August 3

Andre Souza, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Snapshots and Transition Probabilities 

Thursday, August 4

**10:30 a.m.

Matthew Scase, University of Nottingham
Experiments on Air Bubbles in Weightless Water and the Instability of a Rotating Jet

**2:00 p.m.

SEARS PUBLIC LECTURE - Redfield Auditorium, WHOI

Professor Heidi Nepf, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Coastal Vegetation and Coastal Flows: Restoration, Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

Friday, August 5

Heidi Nepf, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Vegetation Hydrodynamics for Restoration, Climate Mitigation and Adaptation


Monday, August 8

Renske Gelderloos, Johns Hopkins University
Southeast Greenland Fjord-Shelf Interaction at Subinertial Frequencies

Tuesday, August 9

Rodrigo Duran, Theiss Research
Distilling the Physics of Primitive-equation Model Currents

Wednesday, August 10

Alessia Ferraro, EPFL
Exploiting Marginal Stability in Slow-Fast Quasilinear Dynamical Systems

Thursday, August 11

Duo Chan, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Combining Physical and Data-driven Methods to Improve Historical Earth Surface Temperature Estimates

Friday, August 12

Sai Ravela, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
A Stochastic Dynamical Perspective on Optimizing Learning for Climate Applications


Monday, August 22

**10:00 a.m.

Ruth Moorman, California Institute of Technology
Continental Shelf Waves around a Pseudo-Iceland

**11:30 a.m.

Tilly Woods, University of Oxford
Fun with Squishy Balls: Theory and Experiments on Deformable Porous Media

Tuesday, August 23

**10:00 a.m.

Claire Valva, New York University
Understanding invariant solutions of the Korteweg-de Vries Equation

**11:30 a.m.

Rui Yang, University of Twente
Equatorial Ocean Dynamics on Enceladus Driven by Ice Topography

Wednesday, August 24

**10:00 a.m.

Iury Simoes-Sousa, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Stochasticity of Turbulence

**11:30 a.m.

Ludovico Giorgini, Stockholm University
Statistical Analysis of Multidimensional Dynamical Systems

Thursday, August 25

**10:00 a.m.

Sam Lewin, University of Cambridge
Experiments on the Instability of Buoyancy-driven Coastal Currents

**11:30 a.m.

Kasturi Shah, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Scaling with the Stars: Emergence of Self-organised Criticality in Low Péclet Flows