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2019 Lecture Series Schedule


Stephanie Waterman, University of British Columbia

Colm-cille Caulfield, University of Cambridge



Monday, June 17

Stephanie Waterman
Ocean Mixing Processes 1: Motivation and Basic Concepts

Tuesday, June 18

Stephanie Waterman
Ocean Mixing Processes 2: Quantifying Ocean Mixing and Ocean Turbulence: Frameworks, Technologies & Practicalities

Wednesday, June 19

Stephanie Waterman
Ocean Mixing Processes 3: Rates and Mechanisms: What We Observe and Interpret from Observations of Mixing and Turbulence in the Ocean Interior

Thursday, June 20

Colm-cille Caulfield
Stratified Turbulence 1: Introduction to Turbulence Theory for Stratified Flows

Friday, June 21

Colm-cille Caulfield
Stratified Turbulence 2: Effects of Stratification and/or Shear on Turbulence and their Description by Nondimensional Parameters


Monday, June 24

Colm-cille Caulfield
Stratified Turbulence 3: Mixing Mechanisms in Forced and Freely-evolving Flows

Tuesday, June 25

Colm-cille Caulfield
Stratified Turbulence 4: Mixing Modeling and Parameterization in Stratified Turbulence

Wednesday, June 26

Colm-cille Caulfield
Stratified Turbulence 5: Open Questions and Controversies in Stratified Turbulent Mixing Research

Thursday, June 27

Colm-cille Caulfield and Stephanie Waterman
Stratified Turbulence and Ocean Mixing Processes 1: Challenges in and Promising Approaches for Connecting Theory to Observation 

Friday, June 28

Colm-cille Caulfield and Stephanie Waterman
Stratified Turbulence and Ocean Mixing Processes 2: Future Directions for Research into Stratified Turbulence and Ocean Mixing Porcesses



Monday, July 1

Jörn Callies, California Institute of Technology
Submesoscale Restratification in the Abyssal Ocean

Tuesday, July 2

Alexander Soloviev, Nova Southeastern University
Freshwater Lenses in the Near-surface Layer of the Ocean Laterally Spreading as Gravity Currents

Wednesday, July 3

Jim Riley, University of Washington
The Energetics and Vortex Structure of Seamount Wakes

Thursday, July 4


Friday, July 5

Ton van den Bremer, University of Oxford
The Wave-induced Mean Flow of Surface Gravity Waves


Monday, July 8

Alexis Kaminski, University of Washington
Float-based Observations of the Ocean Transition Layer

Tuesday, July 9

Navid Constantinou, Australian National University
Barotropic Versus Baroclinic Eddy Saturation: Implications to Southern Ocean Dynamics

Wednesday, July 10

Renske Gelderloos, Johns Hopkins University
Subinertial Variability along the Southeast Greenland Coast 

Thursday, July 11

Eckart Meiburg, University of California Santa Barbara
Settling of Cohesive Sediment: Particle-resolved Simulations

Friday, July 12

Megan Davies Wykes, University of Cambridge
Mixing Efficiency in Buoyancy-driven Flows


Monday, July 15

William Smyth, Oregon State University
Self-organized Criticality and Mixing in Geophysical Flows

Tuesday, July 16

Laurette Tuckerman, Physique et Mécanique des Millieux Hétérogènes
1) Thermosolutal Convection as a 2 x 2 Matrix Problem
2) Taylor-Couette Flow: Self-sustaining Process and Heteroclinic Cycles

Wednesday, July 17

Barbara Turnbull, University of Nottingham
Making Snow in Microgravity

Thursday, July 18

Katherine Smith, University of Cambridge
Effects of Upper Ocean Turbulence on Biogeochemical Tracers

Friday, July 19

Karan Venayagamoorthy, Colorado State University
Diapycnal Mixing in Stably Stratified Turbulence: An Overview and Some Insights for Improved Prediction



Monday, July 22

Andrew Wells, Oxford University
A Mushy Dragon: Convective Localisation in Sea Ice

Tuesday, July 23

Hesam Salehipour, University of Toronto
Towards using Machine Learning for the Discovery of Sub-grid Scale Dynamics

Wednesday, July 24

Tom Eaves, University of British Columbia
Instability of Sheared Density Interfaces

Thursday, July 25

Matthew Alford, University of California San Diego
Ocean Turbulence: Importance, Techniques and Case Studies

Friday, July 26

Jim McElwaine, Durham University
What on Earth is Going on on Mars?


Monday, July 29

Daniel Lecoanet, Princeton University
Thermals in the Atmosphere and in Stars

Tuesday, July 30

Matthew Scase, University of Nottingham
Unsteady Turbulent Plumes

Wednesday, July 31

Geoffrey Vasil, University of Sydney
The Mechanics of a Large Pendulum Chain

Thursday, August 1

Dwight Barkley, University of Warwick
Transition to Turbulence

Friday, August 2

Geoff Stanley, University of New South Wales
The Topology of Neutral Surfaces and Their Exact Geostrophic Streamfunction


Monday, August 5

Michael Le Bars, Institut de Recherche sur les Phénomènes Hors Equilibre
Tides and Libration as Sources of Turbulence and Dynamo in Planetary Cores

Tuesday, August 6

10:30 a.m.
Ali Mashayek, Imperial College London
Some Converging Thoughts on the Role of Shear-induced Turbulent Mixing in Deep Ocean Circulation

5:00 p.m. SEARS PUBLIC LECTURE - Redfield Auditorium
Lydia Bourouiba, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fluids and Health

Wednesday, August 7

 Lydia Bourouiba, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Water-to-air Transfer: Bubbles at the Interface

Thursday, August 8

Sam Pegler, University of Leeds
Dispersal of Volcanic Material during Deep-sea Eruptions and the Generation of Hydrothermal Megaplumes

Friday, August 9

Sonya Legg, Princeton University
Internal-tide Driven Mixing: Processes, Parameterizations and Impacts


Quiet week – Prepare for Fellows’ Presentations



Monday, August 19


Houssam Yassin, Princeton University
Sensitivity of the Ocean's Deep Circulation to Westerly Winds


Channing Prend, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Eddy Mixing of Biogeochemical Tracers


André Palóczy Filho, University of California San Diego
Reduced Models for Wave-balanced Flow Interactions


Jeremy Parker, University of Cambridge
Exploiting Sum-of-squares Optimisation for Chaotic Hamiltonian Systems

Tuesday, August 20


Wanying Kang, Harvard University
Symmetry Breaking on the Enceladus Ice Shell


Lois Baker, Imperial College London
Interaction Between Internal Modes and Their Superharmonics

Wednesday, August 21


Kelsey Everard, The University of British Columbia
Free Convection with Large Viscosity Variations


Anuj Kumar, University of California Santa Cruz
Maximal Heat Transport in Rayleigh-Bénard Convection: Reduced Models, Bifurcations, and Polynomial Optimization


Alessia Ferraro, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Exploiting Marginal Stability in Slow-Fast Quasilinear Dynamical Systems


Samuel Boury, ENS de Lyon
A Mushy Source for the Geysers of Enceladus

Thursday, August 22


Jelle Will, University of Twente
Optimal Mixing of a Passive Scalar Field in Kolmogorov Flow


Wenjing Dong, New York University
Structure and Stability of Flow Around Noncircular Islands