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Proceedings Volume 2006


2006 Program in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics


Neil Balmforth and John Wettlaufer, Directors
Grae Worster, Principal Lecturer
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA  02543

Lecture Notes taken by GFD Fellows


Principal Lectures

Preface (pdf)

Lecture 1 (pdf)

Introduction to Ice
Grae Worster

Lecture 2 (pdf)

Diffusion-controlled solidification

Lecture 3 (pdf)

Interfacial instability in super-cooled fluid

Lecture 4 (pdf)

Interfacial instability in two-component melts

Lecture 5 (pdf)

Formation of mushy layers

Lecture 6 (pdf)

Idealized mushy layers

Lecture 7 (pdf)

Convection in mushy layers

Lecture 8 (pdf)

Interfacial pre-melting

Lecture 9 (pdf)

Thermomolecular flow, thermal regelation and frost heave

Lecture by John Wettlaufer (pdf)

Some useful statistical thermodynamics


Fellows' Reports

Glancing interactions of internal solitary waves (pdf)

Daniel Goldberg, New York University

Mush-liquid interfaces with cross flow (pdf)

Devin Conroy, University of California, San Diego

Arctic catastrophes in an idealized sea ice model (pdf)

Ian Eisenmann, Harvard University

Breaking moraine dams by catastrophic erosional incision (pdf)

Rachel Zammett, University of Oxford

Patterns of convection in a mushy layer (pdf)

Shane Keating, University of California, San Diego

The evaporation of a salty film (pdf)

Robert Style, University of Cambridge

A particle-simulation method to study mixing efficiencies (pdf)

Takahide Okabe, University of Texas, Austin

On thin ice: the mechanics of failure in sea ice (pdf)

Dominic Vella, University of Cambridge

The formation of star patterns on lake ice (pdf)

Victor Tsai, Harvard University